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Joining the Pack

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Purchase Class A and B Uniforms (see details below on Uniforms).

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Complete BSA Youth Protection Training on your account.

Participate:  Please be in attendance and participate.  Cub Scouting is a journey and this is where it starts.

Lead / Volunteer:  It is our hope Parents will take on leadership or other volunteer roles at the Den and Pack levels.  

Please ask if you have an interest.

Basic Forms for Parents

Health Forms: Necessary for all scouts and all parents and siblings that attend any camp out. They need to be filled out once every 365 days, which is why sometimes depending on camp-out dates each year it appears we need this filled out TWICE each year.

Print this form for each member of your family =>

Youth Protection Training:  All Scout Parents are required to view "Youth Protection Training" every 2 years.  YPT is a short, 15 minute video training to keep our scouts safe during all meetings, outings, and campouts.

Cub Scouting:

Capitol Area Council:

Chisholm Trail District: 

Can be purchased for around $60.

12500 North IH 35

Austin, TX 78753

More Detail:


The Class A is the official Cub Scout Uniform.  It varies slightly by rank but is generally comprised of:

Note - We are a “waist-up” uniform Pack.  Scout pants/shorts/socks are available but not required in our Pack.

Class A uniforms may be purchased in-person at the Steve Matthews Scout Store or online at  We recommend going to the store instead of purchasing online because the store personnel are able to answer any questions you have and help you get the correct items.

The Class B uniform is the Pack T-Shirt (Bright Orange).  This uniform is welcome at most outdoor or informal events or as indicated by Pack Leadership.  Purchase via our pack store or contact one of the leaders at a den/pack meeting for information.  They are also typically available to purchase or pick up at pack meetings.


There will be many events and opportunities to join in fun scouting activities throughout the year.  Events may be coordinated at the pack or den level by leaders or adult volunteers within our pack.  Other events are coordinated by the local council, district, or other BSA entities.  The types of events range from campouts, overnight experiences, and day activities.  All of these events will help build on the cubs' knowledge of scouting principles, skills, and experiences.  Most of these events are optional and paid for individually so don't feel bad if you can't make some of them due to other events or commitments you may have.

Pack Events:  We aim to have at least 3 campouts and 1 to 2 overnight events during the school year along with a handful of daytrips or other small events.


Overnight Events:

Daytrips and Other Pack Events:

Council and Other Events:  There will be many types of events that are coordinated/sponsored by the local scout council.  These can include "scout days" at various sporting events, outdoor adventures that may include activities such as archery, BB guns, or other crafts, and day camps.  On a few occasions they may also offer overnight events, such as sleeping at the Cowboys stadium or camping at one of the local council campgrounds.  These events will be shared on our pack website with signup details.  On occasion, we may coordinate as a pack to attend, but will typically be available for individual signup.

Cancelation or Reschedule Policy:  We hope events do not need to be cancelled, but there are rare occasions when it happens.  The cancelation policy varies by event and/or venue and will be posted with the event signup if significantly different from information provided here.  The large overnight events are usually offered rain or shine, requiring payment weeks in advance, and may not offer refunds or changes within a certain time prior to the event.  For campouts, the campsites are reserved months in advance, but food and other supplies are typically purchased the week prior to the event.  In the event we need to cancel a campout due to severe weather, we will typically be able to provide a full or partial refund, depending on the circumstances.  Other events coordinated/sponsored by the council will have their own policies that should be available when booking.

What should I buy/bring for Cub Scout Campouts?

Basic List:

Important Notes:

If you are new to camping don’t over do it initially with the equipment!  We would recommend buying less expensive gear first and after a few campouts, or a few years, you'll figure out what you consider important and what worth the extra cost. 

This is car camping NOT backpack camping, where you have to carry in/out all of your equipment. So, if you think you might need it (and it fits in your car), bring it.