Pack Fees & Dues

2023-24 National Dues and Pack Fees

In additional to the BSA National dues paid by each scout, our pack collects a fee each year to pay our Pack's membership to the national BSA organization and to help cover expenses we incur throughout the yearKeeping in mind that a "Scout is Thrifty", we do our very best to keep the fees as low as possible but still provide a quality program with fun and exciting meetings and events.  The total cost covers the program for a full year, minus optional events that are offered.  This cost is generally lower than other sports organizations and activities; however, we never want the cost to be cause for being unable to benefit from the wonderful opportunities scouting can provide.  If you are experiencing any hardships or unable to pay the dues or pack fees, please discuss with the Cub Master or Committee Chair for possible options.

Total National Dues + Pack Fees:  $220

National Dues is $80/scout.  This fee is NOT paid to the pack.  It is paid for by each family directly online at my.scouting.org.  This is valid for 1 year from date of enrollment.

Pack Fees are $140 per scout are paid to the pack.  This fee covers the various expenses our pack incurs throughout the year such as pack recharter fees, pack/den meeting supplies, rank awards, Pinewood Derby, campsite registration, equipment and maintenance, and other parties/celebrations.  It does not cover some of the optional events such as food fee for campouts, overnight events, etc.

Popcorn Sales:

If your scout sold popcorn, some or all of your pack fees and national dues may be covered.  See the Popcorn page and below for more information.  Do not pay yet -- You will be contacted by the Committee Chair with details on the amount you owe and how to pay.

Scout Life Magazine (Optional):

A monthly subscription to the scouting magazine, Scout Life (formerly Boys' Life), may be added when paying your dues.  It is completely optional.  Cost is $15.

Pie-in-the-Face (Optional):

Scouts who sold popcorn were able to earn a "pie" to smash into a leader's face if they met certain sales targets.  If you didn't  sell popcorn or didn't meet the target sales goal, you can still get to smash a pie in a leader's face by adding $20 to your payment.

How to Pay:

Please use the "Donate" button on this page to pay dues.  On the payment page, enter the total amount you owe and pay via PayPal or a credit card.  To make sure we can track the payments, please enter the name of the scout(s) and if you are including Scout Life magazine or a pie.

Existing Scouts:

New Scouts (not yet enrolled):

When enrolling, you will pay an enrollment fee plus the National BSA dues.  If you sold popcorn, the information above will apply.  If you enrolled after the fundraiser event has closed (for example in January or February), you may only owe a partial pack fee, depending on the date of your enrollment.  Please wait to be contacted with the amount due before paying.

Thank you for continuing to be a member of the Pack 166 family!

Any questions...contact Daniel Bamford  (drbamford2000@yahoo.com)


Dues $140**


Scout Life Magazine $15

Pie-in-the-Face $20

** See details for possible dues adjustments.