2022 BSA Pack 166 Dues

2023 Dues

We collect dues each year to cover pay our Pack's membership to the national BSA organization and to help cover pack expenses we incur throughout the year.

Dues are $120 per scout which covers their enrollment for January through December 2023.

The $120 includes the following:

  • Scout Re-Charter Fee: $75

  • Pack Fee: $45

The re-charter fee pays for your scout's enrollment in the national BSA organization and transfers with your scout if they are moving on to BSA Scouts or transferring units.

The pack fee covers various expenses our pack incurs throughout the year such as materials, pool rental, party supplies, and special guests. It does not cover optional events such as campouts, overnights, etc.

Popcorn Sales:

If your scout sold popcorn and met the $400 sales goal, your scout's dues are fully covered for 2023. If you sold less than $400, a portion of your dues is covered. 30% of popcorn sales apply towards dues. Do not pay yet -- You will be contacted by Daniel Bamford with details on the amount you owe and how to pay.

Scout Life Magazine (Optional):

A monthly subscription to the scouting magazine, Scout Life (formerly Boys' Life), may be added when paying your dues. It is completely optional.

Pie-in-the-Face (Optional):

Scouts who sold popcorn were able to earn a "pie" to smash into a leader's face if they met certain sales targets. If you didn't sell popcorn or didn't meet the target sales goal, you can still get to smash a pie in a leader's face by adding $20 to your dues payment.

How to Pay:

Please use the "Donate" button on this page to pay dues. On the payment page, enter the total amount you owe and pay via PayPal or a credit card. To make sure we can track the payments, please enter the name of the scout(s) and if you are including Scout Life magazine or a pie.

Existing Scouts:

  • If you did not sell popcorn, pay $120 plus $15 if you are adding Scout Life magazine and/or $20 if you are adding a pie.

  • If you sold <$400 in popcorn, 30% of your popcorn sales apply towards dues. Please wait to be contacted with your dues amount before paying.

  • If you sold >$400 in popcorn, your full dues are covered. You may, however, pay $15 to add Scout Life magazine and/or $20 if you are adding a pie.

New Scouts (not yet enrolled):

When enrolling, the online registration may have required you to pay for this partial year plus next year. If so, you have already paid the $75 re-charter fee in your enrollment and would only owe the $45 pack fee plus $15 if you want to add Scout Life magazine and/or $20 if you are adding a pie. If you want to confirm you are paying the correct amount, please reach out to Daniel Bamford.

Thank you for continuing to be a member of the Pack 166 family!

Any questions.. contact Daniel Bamford (drbamford2000@yahoo.com)


Dues $120**


Scout Life Magazine $15

Pie-in-the-Face $20

** See details for possible dues adjustments.