Popcorn Sales

Our yearly fundraiser: 

Popcorn Sales!

No more paper needed!  

All sales will be through the Trail's End website or App for your phones this year. 

Two ways to access Trail's End:  

All scouts must first sign up for your Trail's End scout account online on the Trail's End website

Council: Capital Area

District: Chisholm Trail

Pack/Unit: Pack 0166

1) Trail's End Website:  Use your Trail's End account from your PC to enter "wagon sales" or share through social media or email out to family and friends 

2) Trail's End App:  Download the Trail's End App for your Apple or Android phone and share through social media and/or go door to door and enter "wagon sales" in the app directly and receive payment with a credit card. (See below for details on using the app)

Note: One benefit of using the website or app is the ability for customers to pay via credit card.  If you choose to use the paper forms, please transfer all orders into Trail's End as a "Wagon Sale" in order to get your order submitted.  This helps reduce any errors in reading the paper forms.  See details below.

All sales must be entered by: October 22, 2023

Popcorn Delivery:  Available for distribution around November 15-17 (an email will be sent out with pick up details once the date gets closer)

Goal for each Scout: 

Your sales will cover your pack fees and scouting dues for the upcoming year if you hit the target sales goal.  Our pack goal for each scout is $466 in sales to cover pack fees and $733 in sales to cover both pack fees and national dues!  We have many scouts that reach and exceed this goal each year while learning skills in communication and sales while having fun!

Note: Sales below the target goal will adjust the dues amount owed for the upcoming year, so every sales counts.  You may also opt out of selling popcorn and pay your full scout dues directly.  Information on the opt out will be provided after the closing date of the popcorn sales.


You may, on occasion, have customers who are not interested in buying popcorn but ask if they may donate to the pack.  You have a few options:


Here is a sample script shared previously: “Hi! My name is __________, and I’m a Cub Scout with Pack 166. I’m selling popcorn so I can pay for my scouting program. I have a goal of $XXX. You can help me reach my goal and support scouting by trying some of my popcorn! Will you help me? (Smile!). It’s a great idea to have this script written down, especially during the first few interactions. Please remind your Scout that “no’s” are part of the game. Keep going because a “yes” could be the very next person.

Two ways to use the app:  

 1) Enter a "Wagon Sale" when going door to door where you will deliver the popcorn at a later date

 2) Enter "Online Direct" when making a sale to have it shipped directly to the customer

Note: We do not have any Storefront sales planned

Wagon Sales

Online Direct Sales