Fishing at Camp Mabry

Jan. 29, 2023

Texas Parks and Wildlife has a rainbow trout stocking program they do every winter. Rainbow trout are not native to Texas so the program involves stocking various Texas lakes, ponds, and rivers throughout the winter months. Using the stocking calendar, we picked an upcoming weekend date that is nearby. We're planning an informal meetup to do some fishing at the Camp Mabry pond.

Day: Sunday, January 29

Arrival Time: 1:00-4:00pm

Location: Camp Mabry fishing pond

General Info:

Arrival: I believe all adults must show a valid ID in order to enter Camp Mabry. So, please make sure to have it with you or else they will not allow you to enter.

Licenses: Children under 17 do not require a fishing license. If any adults wish to fish, they must have a valid fishing license. These may be purchased online or at sporting goods stores such as Academy Sports.

Gear: If you have any extra fishing poles, please bring them to share with any individuals who do not have one. If not, I'm sure we can take turns and share.

Their website says they stock anytime between 8am and 2pm so we've chosen to go right after lunch.

Additional information and details on other dates and locations for the stocking program may be found on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

Tips and info on trout fishing in Texas: